SMART American Accent Training for Spanish Speakers

taught by Christine Dunbar

Course description

Everything You Need To Improve Your Professional Communication

This course covers pronunciation, intonation, and cultural communication competencies for native Spanish speakers. Lessons address the specific pronunciation and intonation patterns you have which affect your accent. You will learn practice techniques to improve your personal and professional communication in American English.

Speech Modification's Accent Reduction Technique: now that's SMART!

You Will Learn:

  • How patterns of pronunciation from Spanish affect your pronunciation in English, and which changes you need to make to be better understood.
  • Correct Pronunciation of the most important words in English.
  • What intonation is, how it differs between Spanish and English and how to use it to be better understood.
  • How to practice efficiently and effectively for a real change in your speech.
  • How to improve your cultural communication competency for professional soft skills.

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What's Included?

  • 1 - 3 Short videos in each lesson.
  • Simple text explanations and instructions for each step.
  • In-depth audio practice files for each accent pattern.
  • MP3 downloads for offline practice.
  • Clear practice plan to guide you through the process of changing your accent.

Make your accent a positive part of how you present yourself, rather than a limiting factor on your personal and professional communication. 

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Christine Dunbar
Christine Dunbar
Speech Language Pathologist

Christine is a nationally certified Speech Language Pathologist with over 20 years experience working with individuals to improve their communication skills. She holds a Masters of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the University of Washington.

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